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Welcome to Ahmed Osman's website. The intention of this site is to educate, inform, and inspire readers about the hidden history of Western theology which is rooted in Egypt's 18th dynasty. We invite you to embrace the information with an open and questioning mind; one of conciliation and understanding.

Ahmed Osman's scientific work is controversial and far-reaching in its discoveries. Among his scholarly achievements is the collection of evidence proving that Akhenaten and Moses are the same person, which no one has been able to contest." Ahmed's 1990 book "Moses and Akhenaten: The Secret History of Egypt at the Time of the Exodus" is the basis of producer John Heyman's next film "Moses and Nefertiti." Ahmed remains active on lecture circuits around the world where he is honored for his important work.

From the ancient Egyptian city of Thebes, to the ruins of Pharoah Akhenaten's city of Tel El Amarna, to the Sinai wilderness, a host of events and characters will be introduced to you which have an impact on the psyche of countless millions in toady's world. Outlined for you is an epic story in world history; it will be deeply moving and enlightening for many who log on. Enjoy the journey ahead with Ahmed Osman.